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As well as practicing the highest quality of Aikido it is paramount to the instructors to provide a safe and friendly environment for students to learn Aikido.

All three instructors are fully registered, qualified and insured to the standards set by the Cobra Martial Arts Association. This includes Health and Safety, Child Protection, Coaching and Instructing as set out in the Level 1 - Instructors course.

In addition, the instructors hold HSE Approved ‘First Aid at Work’ certificates from training delivered by West Dunbartonshire Council.

Instructor Richard Thomson
Richard Thomson
(2nd Dan)
Richards Aikido career began in October 1983. Joining as a junior he recognised the values that Aikido taught. Training at the Hub C.E. Centre in Clydebank, he progressed through the junior grades, to then transcend into the senior grades. Training sincerely and diligently is what drives Richard in Aikido with a desire for other like minded practitioners to come to the class to learn and develop their physical and mental goals.
Instructor Derek Thomson
Derek Thomson
(2nd Dan)
Derek, the elder brother of Richard began his Aikido career at the Hub in June 1983. This was the opening night for Aikido in Clydebank. Derek became so intrigued by Aikido that he eventually convinced Richard to join. Derek progressed through the grading's quickly becoming the senior grade at Clydebank and an assistant to the original Instructor who started the Clydebank Dojo Derek Lawson.
Instructor Mark ewing
Mark Ewing
(2nd Dan)
Mark began training in April 1975 at the headquarters dojo of the then Aikikai of Scotland under Sensei T L Weir, who had brought Aikido to Scotland in the 1960s. In 1989 Mark joined with Derek and Richard Thomson, working together to give the Clydebank Aikido Club its focus on sincere training and powerful but fluid Aikido.

Clydebank Aikido Club is a registered body with the Central Registered Body in Scotland. Richard is the lead signatory for the club, ensuring a safe environment is provided for children practicing within the Clydebank Aikido Club in accordance with current legislation.

All instructors are Enhanced Disclosure checked. This procedure is carried out every two years.

Derek is the acting Child Protection Officer within the club, keeping up to date with current legislation and policies that we need to be aware of and implement.

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Updated April 2013